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Starting # of rows in repeater field

  • I have a nested repeater field with minimum 0 rows, maximum 2, so every time you create a new sub-repeater it is made with 0 rows, would be great to be able to have it start with x number of rows (in my case 1).

  • Hi @aka_digital

    Simply change your min rows from 0 to 1

  • argh sorry I meant to add that I want to be able to have 0 rows, so that solution won’t work.

  • Hi @AKA Digital

    Currently, there is no way to set this default amount of rows without setting the min rows setting.

    Perhaps you could hook into the load_value filter for the repeater field, and if the value is empty, then return an array.

    This will trick ACF into rendering a row of data when there is no value at all (new post)

    Hope that helps.


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