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Specific user role to specific repeater row in acf form

  • Hi team!

    I have a book review project where multiple user can give ratings on different criterias of several books. At the end, I need to calculate the average score for each criteria per book.

    1) User acccess : Each user would have there own user role. This way, I can assign users(role) to specific books with the “Location” rule. The rating system will front end for usinf acf_form.

    2) Rating system : each book (CPT) will have is own ACF Field Group with a Repeater field that contain all the criterias (with Number field). Looks like this is the best way of storing multiple values for the same field.

    Here’s my question :
    Would it be possible to assign user(role) to specific row from the repeater?

    Specific row


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