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Special characters in text fields

  • I have encountered this issue a couple of times using ACF text fields where clients copy and paste their text out of something like Sketch.

    What happens is that LSEP characters – eg U+2028 – sometimes get pasted into these text fields, and rarely, some browsers display them as ugly special LSEP characters on the front end.

    Seemingly by default in a wordpress WYSIWYG input this doesn’t happen – some backend magic parses the LSEP characters as line breaks and they don’t get saved as the actually unicode character, but this isn’t the case for ACF text fields.

    It’s hard to tell clients to watch out for this as there’s no way to see visually that you’re pasting in an LSEP and it only is visible on the front end in some browsers.

    Is there anything that can be done about this within ACF, other than pasting the text into something like a special character remover tool first?

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