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Source code of the pro code in git?

  • It would be great to have the source code for the pro plugin available via git. If you do not want to make it public, maybe create a private repo on github and give pro licensee’s access there?

  • The code is on GitHub. People that help test it have access to it to the repo.

    I don’t think the developer gives access to the repo to everyone that has a license and I can give you my guess as to why.

    Eliot does not actually read these forums on a regular bases because if he did he’d never have time to work on fixing and improving ACF. If he gave everyone access to the repo then the issues board there would explode with posts from people looking for help and making feature requests. This would put him in the same situation that keeps him away from these forums where he relyies on others like myself to help other users.

  • OK, so for now there is no way for me to get access to a maintain repo of the PRO code .. so I will have to do my own private one then 🙁

  • You’d have to contact the developer, you might try submitting a support ticket.

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