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Sorting values in custom fields

  • Hey guys, I am thinking of purchasing the developer version of this plugin.

    I am wondering if it will suit my needs.

    I would like to create custom tables that will record details of products.
    Then create a related table for supplier details and prices
    Also another related table of usual selling prices at various sales venues like eBay and Amazon.

    I can see it would be easy to create these tables.

    Here is my pre-sale question:
    With this plugin, will I be able to:

  • pull the lowest 3 prices from the suppliers table (according to a chosen product)
    pull the highest 3 sales prices from the Sales Venues table (according to a chosen product)
    Use this data to automatically work out the best place to buy and the best place to sell and to give an idea of potential income.
  • There are many other things i would like to do such as working out potential monthly profits after figuring out average daily sales.

    If I can do the above I will be delighted and go ahead with my purchase.

    Enjoy your festive celebrations and I look forward to a positive response to my needs. 🙂

    Kind regards, Mikey.

  • Hi there,

    I think you can create 2 custom post types, Product and Supplier, and then create a number field for the price and post object field for the suppliers. You can set these two fields for the Product.

    To get the highest and lowest prices, you can order the posts based on the custom field. This page should give you more idea about it:

    If you want to calculate a complex thing using these data, I think a custom table would be more appropriate.

    Please try the free version first here:

    I hope this helps.

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