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Sorting or exporting by ACF field in backend

  • Hey guys,

    I’ve got a custom post type with shop listings (shop addresses and other details).

    I want to be able to search by my 2 address line fields that are ACF text fields, so I can look up an address when a store changes and even export the entries into a spreadsheet so I can sort by address and check the locations.

    Is there any way to add these fields to the WordPress backend search and/or export a csv with these details?


  • Building on this question, I found and purchased the admin columns plugin. It solves part of my problem, but I still can’t search by address or export a spreadsheet.

    Any ideas for those last couple issues?

  • The only thing I can come up with for exporting is this

    As far as searching by address, where do you want to do this searching? In the admin, on the front end? How do you want it to work?

  • Hey John,

    Thanks for your help with this issue as well.

    I’ll give that CSV plugin a crack.

    I’d like to search in the admin (backend), what I’d like to be able to do is type an address or partial address and see results based on that. Ideally specifically just searching addresses to simplify the results, but not an essential feature.

  • This plugin may help with the searching. I’ve used it before but I don’t remember if it works in the admin or only on the front end

  • Hey John,

    That plugin didn’t quite do what I needed, but I found this other plugin that did the trick:

    Coupling it with a paid addon I was able to export from custom posts with a lot of functionality (if anyone else is looking to do this).

    Thanks for your help.

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