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Sorting ACF taxonomy columns in admin

  • Hi there,

    Fantastic that ACF has added custom post type/taxnomy support, it’s really great so far. I have one question though. I have added some taxonomy columns to the admin, however I noticed they’re not sortable like the default Title column is. Am I missing a setting (I did not see this mentioned in the docs)? Or is this something that’s still in the works?

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Noëlle,

    This is not an answer, but I was looking up how to add the taxonomy columns to the admin – what did you use to do it?


  • I have not used the CPT/Custom taxonomy feature for ACF, so I don’t know how to add columns.

    But sorting by those columns in not something that is supplied by any CPT plugin that I know of. This is something that requires adding filters and functions to WP. Her is one example

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