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Sort table rows by repeater field in admin

  • I’ve set up an ACF options page which functions as a product catalogue. It’s just one main field and number of repeater fields for image, dimensions, pricing, etc.

    With ~50 items, it would be handy to be able to sort the inventory in admin. For example, I could order by pricing low-to-high or by item name.

    I found a number of solutions for sorting repeater fields in admin, but I can’t find any that would allow me to click on a table header to sort by that column.

  • No, there isn’t any way to do what you want. It might be possible using JavaScript, but, from the sounds of the page it would be extremely complicated to make it work.

    You might want to look into a different way to store “Products”, for example a custom post type

  • Thanks for confirming.

    I was trying to keep everything in one place but now that I think about it a CPT would be the way to go.

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