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Sort repeater by ID

  • Hello,

    I’m completely lost at how to sort my repeater field by ID. I did check the docs but was still unsure of where/how to set up the order.

    <?php $i = 1;   ?>
              <div class="row">
                <?php while ( have_rows('individual_case', 24) ): the_row(); ?>
                  <div class="col-md-4 row-eq-height">
     <div class="result-box">
    	<h4 class="result-type"> </h4>
    	<h3 class="result-amount"><?php the_sub_field('case_amount'); ?></h3>
    <hr class="result-line">
    	<p><?php the_sub_field('case_description'); ?></p>
                    if( $i == 3 ){
                      echo '</div><div class="row">';
                      $i == 0; 
        if ($i > 6) {
                <?php endwhile; ?>
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