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Sort Order for Custom Fields not working?

  • Just updated to 4.3.0 and I none of the sort orders for custom fields are working. I have a set of custom fields with one of a sort order of 99, yet it appears at the very top. Any idea on what might be causing this?

  • As a follow up, I disabled all plugins other than ACF and switched themes, same deal. I’ve also created entirely new fields (in case somehow they were corrupted the first time around) and sort order is having no effect. I have a field with a sort order of 01 and another with a sort order of 99, yet the latter is still appearing above the prior. 🙁

  • Hi @cheestudio

    Just to clarify, are you talking about the field group sort order?

    If you have used drag/drop to modify the metabox layout when editing a post, the ACF field group menu order setting will be ignored.

    Perhaps this is the issue?


  • Hi Elliot!

    Yes, I am referring to field group sort order.

    I don’t recall using the drag/drop, especially since this field was appearing at the top (I never would have dragged it there), but a couple question about that:

    1) Is the drag/drop sort order stored in the user or a cookie? I had a client log in using the same username on a different PC and she was seeing the same thing.

    2) If the drag/drop was used, is there a way to restore control to the sort order of ACF?

  • Hi @cheestudio

    1. The saved metabox order is saved in teh DB for each user (i believe). Perhpas you could create a new user to test it fresh?

    2. Yes, you could simply remove the usermeta from the DB for that user


  • You may find this answer useful. It shows you how to clear your user metadata to restore the default meta box locations.

  • I have the same problem.

    I’m creating regular options page and then creating several fields for it. My fields always ordered alphabetically. I’m trying to order fields manually with drag-drop, but after updating fields it’s stay ordered alphabetically.

    P.S: I’m using the latest version of ACFv5 Pro.

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