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Some way to disable image preview in backend?

  • Hey there!

    My client has made a really long page with a lot of fields. Therefore, the backend takes about 6 seconds to load, and it will only take longer in the future. I’ve already made performance changes like delayed TinyMCE load. I suspect, that the images are taking that long to load.

    Is there a way to bypass the image loading on the backend? So that there is just a file path instead of a preview? This could fix it, or make it at least a bit smoother.


  • Images are the bottleneck o the web. Also for backends.
    Think about to compress your images on uplaod. There are several plugisn that can do that for you in wordpress. There are also free website that can do that for you. I use “ Image Optimizer” and dont want to miss it. It also can optize all your existing images in the media libary.

    Give it a try, maybe that is solving the long laodtimes.

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