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Some fields not available to conditional logic

  • Hi !
    Is there a restriction to available fields for conditional logic ?
    I encounter a list of fields which some are not available and can’t figure out why or what could drive this behavior.
    I need to use an Image Select for conditional logic.
    Thanks a lot for any help.

  • OK well by searching not so far, I found that it’s a recurent question and that conditional logic seams to be unavailable for image select.
    Is there any technical reason or is it by choice ?
    If none of these, is is planed to be done or, by default, is there a way to achieve that ?

  • Originally, conditional logic was only available on “choice” fields (select, radio, check box, true/false.) They have slowly been expanding this. I can’t say if this will be expanded to include image fields or not.

  • Thanks a lot John.
    I’ll write to the team.

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