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Some field groups' fields do not display on edit page after update to ACF 6.0.2

  • OK, I’ve submitted a support ticket (two actually), but I’m not sure if they’re actually going through, as I’m receiving no confirmation, nor is it showing up under “My Tickets”, so throwing it out to the community for ideas too:

    Current production server: PHP 7.x, WordPress 6.0.2, ACF Pro 5.7.9 (everything works with this setup)
    Current test server: PHP 8.0, WordPress 6.0.2, ACF Pro 6.0.2 ( the problem exists with this setup)

    I have multiple ACF field groups, including seven that are assigned “Page” locations. Of those seven, four no longer display their ACF fields on their page editor page after updating ACF Pro from 5.7.9 to 6.0.2 (yes, it’s been a long time since this site got updates).

    I cannot find an idea of the cause. I’ve found no javascript or PHP errors. The only common field any of the four groups use is Text Area, and that is also used in some field groups that are still working. I found an old support thread that suggested deleting any rows with the ‘metaboxorder_’ meta key (or something similar, I can’t quite remember; there was one row I deleted). I tried adjusting the field group’s “Order Number” and metabox style, amongst other things, and nothing made a difference. If I assigned the field group to a different page or page type, the fields still did not show.

    I also tried reverting back to PHP 7.4.

    I’m basically out of things to try.

    Though the fields don’t show, the “Hide on Screen” settings for that field group were honored on their selected pages.

    ACF Pro is the only ACF plugin, and I have no other plugins related to meta fields or custom fields. All of the affected field groups are on a “Page” post type.

    Any thoughts on other things to try?

  • I just discovered one more thing immediately after I posted. It’s not that the the fields aren’t loading — they are — they’re there in the DOM. But the ACF field container is being assigned a hide-if-js class that styles them with display:none;.

    e.g. the containing element looks like this:
    <div id="acf-group_[xxx]" class="postbox hide-if-js acf-postbox seamless">


  • …and… on further research (why do I always make progress immediately after I post?)…

    I found that the hide-if-js is related to WordPress core’s Screen Options, and when I clicked on screen options, sure enough, the field group was an option there, and unchecked. Checking it revealed the fields.

    So my only question now is: Why did those fields change to being hidden after the update? They were set to display prior to the update.

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