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Smart search field

  • Hello!

    My site has a filters window. I’d like to add a “Users” search field. In this, I’d like the field to be smart and show suggestions as you type.

    ACF form already does this on the admin side for my “Location” and “Job Title” fields. How can I pull out this feature to the front end just for “Users”?

    Thank you!

  • Your question doesn’t give enough information to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. You’ll need to give more details.

  • Hey, thanks for the response.

    I am looking to have a ‘users’ search field on my website. As you type in the field, I’d like it to display suggestions. ie If I were to type “Mi” in the field, “Mike” and “Mitchel” would appear as suggested results. Presently, the ACF fields do this in admin view.

    I think I’m working my way through the logic. Going to create a separate field group for just for my search field. I’ll post the results in case anyone else is looking for this.

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