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Slow Page Load w/ Page Links

  • Background
    I’m working on a page that includes several tabs and ACFs within those tabs. There are about 8 – 10 Page Link and Post Object drop downs in this template.

    The page link / post object drop downs are set to show pages, posts, and galleries (a CPT). The catch is that there are about 100 pages and 40 – 50 posts. This causes a heavy load time and sometimes doesn’t load the page at all.

    Is there any way to go about speeding this up besides changing the servers / DB hosting?

  • Hi @emaildano

    This is a current limitation with ACF4 which has been address and solved in ACF5.

    Please wait for the update to get these fields to use AJAX, and reduce the page load time.


  • Great news! Thanks, Elliot.

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