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Slow HTTP requests on backend

  • Hello, ACF Pro is making 8+ http requests on every page load to

    This is making the WP Dashboard extremely slow when developing locally. I had to install Airplane Mode to get it usable. Haven’t deployed to staging or production yet so I don’t know if it’s limited to local environment.

    FYI I’m on ACF Pro 5.2.5 and WP 4.2.2. Thanks

  • Hi @blogjunkie,

    Thank you for raising this issue.

    The slow load speed of your dashboard might not entirely be stemming from ACF and the HTTP requests. Do you think you could deactivate your theme and switch to one of the stock WP themes to test the result?

    The issue might also be limited to your local environment maybe you could try it out on a staging server.

  • It was affecting my staging server too, but looks like the 5.2.6 update fixed it. Thanks!

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