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Slow Down with Relationship Field

  • Hey (Your Name Here),

    I have been using ACF on a few sites and haven’t run into issues until now. After doing an upgrade to ACF PRO from the free version I started experiencing horrendous slow downs, which often timed out.

    After some testing I pinpointed the problem which turned out to be the Relationship Field. Other fields are fine and load time is unaffected, but as soon as I add a relationship field the load time of that CPT, or even with a normal post, increases dramatically.

    I crossed checked that version of the plugin on the site where I am having the problem to another site where I am using the ACF PRO plugin with plenty of relationship fields where there are no slow downs, and they are the same. On the site where I am having problems after an upgrade to PRO, I was using relationship fields with the free version without any issues. Only after the upgrade did these issues come up.

    Any suggestions would be fantastic.

  • Hi @dallinca

    How many posts do you have in your DB? You’re not the first to experience a drop in performance with the relationship field when switching to ACF PRO and I’ve notified Elliot of this.

    Here’s another open topic that’s potentially the same as yours:

  • Hey Jonathan,

    Among all the CPT’s with the posts we have around 3500 in the database, along with the revisions of those posts that have revision support turned on. But there are a total of 12300 entries in the post table. I did a series of tests of relationships between the various CPT’s that we have, and the presence of any of these relationships, heavily used or not, drastically changes the load time of the dashboard single CPT view on the site site anywhere from a 20 second increase to a complete timeout.

    I was able to get the site back to usable conditions by deleting the ACF Pro files and replacing them with the free 4.4.2 version of the plugin. With that one it is back to normal running speeds, which is great, but I would prefer being able to use the PRO version.

  • Hi @dallinca

    Okay thank you for the information. I have notified Elliot regarding this issue and I think he will respond in the other post I linked earlier 🙂

  • Jonathan,

    I have now come to the point where I need to use the repeater field on the site where I am experiencing issues. But I can only access that feature through the ACF PRO version that I purchased, which unfortunately renders things unusable for the moment. I am wondering if just installing the repeater add on with v4 of ACF will serve my purposes. But I don’t want to pay another 25 dollars for a feature that I already purchased in PRO. Is there a way I can verify with you that I have purchased PRO, and receive a copy of the repeater add on without having to purchase it?

  • Hi @dallinca

    I’m only working the forums as support and do not have the authority to do that.

    But I will notify @elliot of your request here and he’ll respond to you.

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