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Size limitations on media not removed when media overlay closed.

  • The set up:
    Create an image custom field where you specify minimum dimensions of the image on a post type that has the standard wordpress Featured Image enabled.

    To create bug:

    1. Create or edit a post / page with the set up above.
    2. Add an image to the custom field with the min dimensions set up
    3. Click to add a Featured Image – you’ll find the minimum dimensions requirement from the custom field is still set on the media overlay, inspite of the restriction not applying to the Featured Image

    p.s. Thanks for this plugin… I couldn’t do my job as well without it!

  • I just tested and I cannot reproduce the behavior you describe.

  • I have the same problem.

    When the second and subsequent posts, the featured image is affected by the size limit of the image field.

    – WordPress 5.4.2
    – Advanced Custom Fields PRO 5.9.0
    – macOS Mojave 10.14.6
    – MAMP PRO 5.7
    – Firefox
    I’ve seen it reproduce in Chrome and Safari as well.

    – image field: Minimum width: 300px, height: 300px, Maximum width: 300px, height: 300px
    – The featured image I want to register is a different size. This time 1200px * 800px.
    – Added 2 images to Media Library: 300px * 300px, 1200px * 800px

    The bug will not be reproduced the first time you register a post.

    Steps to reproduce
    1-1. Create 1st post
    1-2. Add an image to custom field
    1-3. Add a featured image
    1-4. Click publish button
    We won’t reproduce it here.

    2-1. Create 2nd post
    2-2. Add an image to custom field
    2-3. Click to add a featured image, 1200px * 800px, you’ll find the message: “Restricted 1200_800.png
    Image width must not exceed 300px.
    Image height must not exceed 300px.”

    3-1. Create 3rd post
    3-2 Add a featured image
    3-3 Click to add an image to custom field, you’ll find No size limit

    I uploaded video to YouTube.

    Please let me know the solution for this.
    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I also have the same problem with images in ACF blocks. Width & height restrictions from ACF image fields are being applied to the Core image block, if I add a core image block to the page after the ACF block.

    If I:

    1. Register ACF block with an image field.
    2. Add the ACF block to a page.
    3. Save the page & clear the browser’s cache
    4. Add a core image block to the page, & choose an image from the media library. The core image block has the ACF image field’s width & height restrictions applied to it.

    I have tested this quite a bit:

    1. Switched from my theme to the Twenty twenty-one theme.
    2. Tested a single image & multiple images in repeater fields.
    3. Moved the rest of my ACF blocks to trash.
    4. Changed the image’s return format from Image Array to Image URL.
    5. Changed Required from yes to no for the image field.
    6. Deactivated all of the site’s other plugins.

    I have been unable to solve this.


    • WordPress: 5.8
    • ACF Pro: 5.10.1
    • MacOS Catalina version 10.15.7
    • Chrome version 92.0.4515.159
    • DesktopServer Premium v3.9.4 . I think DesktopServer is build on MAMP? I’m not sure about this.
  • @matthewpoll101 Thanks for the report. We’ve got a fix ready to go for this issue on Featured Images which should be out in the next (or one after) release.

    I’ll add some testing for the image block too to make sure the fix applies there as well.

    Edit: Confirmed that this should resolve the issue for image blocks too.

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