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SiteOrigin Page Builder Compatibility

  • Is there a way to display the ACF5 fields inside the SiteOrigin Page Builder ? It uses standard wp widgets as “building blocks” and since ACF5 supports widgets i don’t know why the custom fields are not displayed.

    Does this feature is planned?
    Could you give me some hint to make this happen by myself?

  • I was able to display something

    by adding this

    do_action_ref_array( 'in_widget_form', array( &$this, &$return, $instance ) );

    inside the form method of my widget but now i am lost, i don’t know why only the number field is displayed (the others field are taxonomy and users fields)

  • now i am trying to display the custom fields by usign the acf function acf_form inside the form widget class method.

    Any help would be VERY appreciated.

  • I haven’t come close to getting this to work either. ACF is the best for fields, and PB is the best in terms of creating layouts. Building a layout builder using ACF alone, while straightforward, yields an adequate UI at best.

    From what I understand, you can create a field, and then assign it to a particular registered widget. Then when you add that widget to a widget area, or Page Builder, the ACF fields should appear. I find they do in some cases.

    So the workflow for getting ACF and PB to work together would be to register a new widget type for every block element. Icon box, testimonials, etc… Create an ACF field group for each widget type and assign the group to the previously registered widget above.

    In your theme, display the widget content using get_field within the Widget’s callback.

    I would love to see just one working example of this.

  • Definitely would love to seeing this working!

    Encountering the same issues here with Beaver Builder. Looks like ACF is set to only load the widget fields on the Widget customiser page – anywhere else it just fails. I’ve also tried to go through the code myself to see if there’s anything that can be tweaked/adopted in the custom widget to get this functionality working with either this or Site Origin’s PB but no joy so far.

    you’ve got further than me! – great to see at least the fields coming through. I can confirm the additions you added to your widgets form method are working for me as well in both Site Origins PB + Beaver Builder (see attached). I’ve also +1 on the feature request.

  • Currently my solution (i don’t like it but it works) is this.

    1. Create a Wp Custom Post Type called “layout elements”
    2. Manually coded a widget with just a select containing all the records of “layout elements”
    3. Created conditional custom fields for the layout elements records (a group of tabs fields controlled by a single select field)

    The user creates a record inside the Layout Elements post type then he adds the widget to the layout and select the newly created record of “Layout Elements” from the select field.

    I would love to see more compatibility on the widget side from ACF.

  • Any statement about this ?

  • I’m in the same boat. Been using ACF for years for fields and would like to move to SiteOrigin Page Builder for layout (it’s just a much easier UI for end users).

    Any guidance on how ACF widgets would work outside of the normal WordPress widget area would be very helpful. I don’t like the workarounds stated above because they are clearly hacks that are difficult for end users to replicate.

    Thanks Elliot!

  • So actually PB had an amazing API for building out widgets of all kinds. If you download their so widgets plugin it has a bunch of additional ones and then in their developer docs they go through the process of making your own bunch of custom widgets.

    So my workflow is now ACF for page and post type additional fields as well as my custom admin panel. And then Page Builder plus my own custom widgets for layout.

  • What you mean for PB ?

  • @mountainthemes, do you still have the plugin to allow this functionality? The link to your github page doesn’t work anymore.

  • Sorry, I discontinued the plugin since there was a lot of bugs and no time to fix them.

  • Alright, is there any way I can get the code?

  • I think i removed everything, will post an update if I find a backup copy.

  • Okay, I’d appreciate it, I’ll keep an eye out for an update. Thanks!

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