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Since update: How to Remove slided checkboxes?

  • In admin layout, The checkboxes are replaced by slided on and off “app” setting layout. And clients do not get what is on or off. They want the simple checkbox, and so do we.

    Also, it might look nice on ACF developer team Theme, but with other backend Themes it does not work.

    As we are using complex and huge fields settings, they destroy the flow, take to much space and all documentations must be changed from “check” to “slide” and more.

    Keep the backend standard on FORMS UI and do not clutter the layout.

    There is a trend to move away from the WordPress standard layout in admin area, and now ACF follow this trend after many many years to keep the back end clean and understandable for common users.

    Very very sad that ACF is doing this.


  • When creating a true/false field there is a selection for “Stylised UI’. This is supposed to default to No and any existing true/false field should be defaulting to No and showing the checkbox and not the slider. I tested this on a site, created a true false field in acf 5.4 and then upgraded to acf 5.5. My true false field remained a checkbox. So this is something you should have to turn on and not the default behavior.

  • Hi
    Thanks for answering. The problem is not front end or in generated meta boxes. Just edit a field group, and you se like “Required?” and other settings are using this cluttered sliders.

    Propably we need to turn some javascript off as well to restore the standard checkbox?

  • ACF uses itself to display fields when editing a field group. You might be able to use an acf/render_field or an acf/prepare_field filter to turn off the stylized UI on the field group editor page, but I have not tested this. I don’t have a problem with the field group editor having these slides as long as I can turn them off for the users of the site. After all, I’m the only one that’s going to be modifying field groups.

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