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Since 5.8, page-specific panels are missing

  • This is really confusing. Since upgrading the 5.8 (after beta testing all along the way), some page-targeted ACF panels have disappeared. These are mostly ones targeted at specific page templates being active. Has anyone else run across this?

    I’m using ACF Blocks for on-page stuff and they work just as expected. It’s just *some* of the page-scoped fields.

    These disappeared with no changes on my end apart from upgrading to 5.8.0-stable.

  • Are these “Page” templates or are they custom templates for posts or custom post types?

    I just did a simple test for page templates and it is working.

    Are you using guberbug gutenberg?

  • I am using the core block editor/gutenberg in WP 5.2 (I’d have to be with using ACF Blocks, but I’m not using the bleeding edge Gutenberg plugin).

    These are the WordPress theming concept of a Page Template.

    This doesn’t happen with all Field Groups applied to a certain Page (for instance I have a field group applied to the Home page and it works as expected). Furthermore, this Field Group displayed in the editor as expected up until the full 5.8 release (or it might’ve been the last RC).

  • Please submit a support ticket here

    This is a block editor issue. More than likely the page template setting is not being sent during the ajax request used to refresh the field groups.

    Also, out of curiosity, do the field groups appear if you change the template selection and then save the page? Do the field groups appear when the page reloads? Yay or nay, you should include this information when you submit the support ticket.

  • They don’t in either case. That was actually my first troubleshooting try followed by attempting to move it to the Side. I’ll get a support ticket out.

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