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Sidebar with Single Image Upload

  • Hi @elliot,

    We are looking to just save the imageID in the field but we need the option for a sidebar to use a plugin for loading retina specific images.

    Anyway we could get a sidebar in there? Is there a hook we could right into the theme to override this?

  • Hi @modifly

    ACF deos not contains a hook which disables / enables the sidebar attachment details. I’m not sure what the solution to this issue is.

    The WP 3.6 uploader has been an extremely tough and troublesome update for ACF, and in short, I’m not sure how to get these options to appear in the sidebar.

    What does the sidebar retina options look like? Can you use the WP media library pages to add the retina source?

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  • Hi @modifly

    Very cool!

    However, it will not be possible to add this to the ACF image popup at the moment.

    The ACF media popup does not instantiate the sidebar or ‘states’ needed for your retina uploader to work.

    I’m sorry about this dead end, but not much I can do to help.

    Perhaps you could take the image field and create your own with a slightly modifies JS to allow for your sidebar / state?

    Good luck!


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  • Hi @modifly

    I appreciate your enthusiasm to get this working, however, I don’t have the time to pick up the phone and chat / work on this issue.

    Your dev will find all the ACF JS in the ACF github repo. If you have nay specific questions about the code, please feel free to ask them, but I can offer my time to help out on everyone’s projects.

    Thanks for understanding

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