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Showing selected category in one post

    • Flamio

    • June 10, 2019 at 9:30 pm

    Dear all,

    I am looking for some help here, as I am not an expert in PHP or WordPress at all. I am currently working on my thesis project just to make things clear, there are no scam or information collection going on: I would like to evaluate the impact of filters on job selection and application from the online applicants perspective.

    I have the MDTF plugin installed on my WordPress website, as well as ACF. What I would like to do is “simple”:
    – The user uses the filters from MDTF to select predetermined categories: for instance Location (with many cities and countries), Contract type, etc.

    The few posts I have are compatible with EVERY category, but I would like the custom field in each post to adapt to the selection done by the user.
    So for instance, if a user select full-time and Paris, the post will pop-up with the custom fields on top of the post showing:
    “City: Paris,
    Contract: Full time”.
    And if another user selects other filters, let’s say Madrid and Internship, the same post will show but with different custom fields, showing the select value.

    I don’t know if my request is clear enough. I think this would mean that I need to fetch a widget meta value and update my custom field with it, but is it feasible? Should I just used the categories in WordPress?

    Thank you in advance,

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