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Showing property information in archive template

  • *Showing property information in multiple pages*
    hey, we are building a website based on wordpress + elementor pro. The goal is to show properties (assets of real estate) in a few pages:
    single page – property info (full info)
    archive page – all the properties (with specific info pulled from each property page e.g. name. price, status and short description).
    3. home page – a block with 3 latest properites.

    How can I do that using ACF? (=to write the information only in one place on property page level, and automatically it will appear in all the needed places).

    That’s what we have tried to do – we’ve used ACF + CPT UI.
    We managed to create a well structured single page with all the info required.
    But the archive page allows us to show only title, photo and a short description. It does not show price and status of each property.

    How can we do that?

    Thank you!

  • This question is really about how to do this in Elementor. For this you will likely need create custom templates and or blocks. Beyond that I can’t help much with elementor and I would look for documentation and tutorials on creating templates and using ACF with those templates.

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