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Showing field group based on post category

  • Hello, I am using WP 5.1.1 and ACF PRO 5.8.1.

    I’m trying to show a field group based on post category.

    If I do this using a location rule, then when editing a new post that has not been assigned the conditional category, I have to add the category, save the post, and refresh the page before the ACF fields show up. This is understandable behaviour but not very user-friendly.

    If I add a taxonomy field for the category, and a group field with conditional logic based on the taxonomy field, the behaviour is as desired. Toggling categories in the taxonomy field instantly toggles the group field on-the-fly. However, the problem is that the conditional logic for the taxonomy field does not have an option to set a specific value. Only “has any value”, “has no value”, “selection is greater than”, and “selection is less than”.

    What would be the best way to achieve what I want? Pointers to custom PHP/JS code are welcome.

    Thank you.

  • If you want to target a specific term you need to use

    value is greater than {TERM_ID-1} AND
    value is less then {TERM_ID+1}
  • Hi, I don’t see “value is greater/less than” when I nominate a taxonomy field in the conditional logic. Only “selection is greater/less than”, which I had tried, and seemed to refer to the number of options selected rather than the value.

  • sorry, value == selection. It does not mean how many have been selected it is referring to the ID of the term that is selected.

  • That is not how it appears to be working for me, though. For example selection > 0 and < 2 shows the group field when ANY 1 term is selected. Selection > 2 and < 4 shows the group field when ANY 3 terms are selected. Etc…

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