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Showing a custom post on a frontend page

  • Hi,

    I am using ACF Pro for adding custom fields to a Custom Post Type I created.

    I would like to build a frontend page to show a single custom post, with all its custom fields data.

    I thought that when creating the Field Group containing the custom fields and specifying the relevant page template in the Location rules (“Page Template + is equal to + my_page_template”), this will render all custom fields when showing the page in the frontend. However it seems the custom fields are only shown when viewing the custom page in the WordPress admin screens – is this correct ?

    Is there some “automatic” way to use ACF for rendering all custom fields in the frontend page as well, or do I have to write explicit PHP code in the page template to show the custom fields ?



  • This is correct. ACF does not automatically show any fields on the front end in your templates. ACF requires that the template code is modified to show the fields.

  • Thanks for the reply !

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