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Show specific posts inside a page using ACF

  • Hello,

    I have a problem and I don’t really know how to solve it. I am using Advanced Custom Fields PRO and Custom Post Type UI and Avada theme.

    I am developing an online store where I sell books.

    I have created a CPT called “Authors” where I register the authors who will write the books. This CPT incorporates 3 custom fields: name, surname and author’s bibliography. The CPT title is the author’s own full name.

    Then I have created an ACF Group with specific information on books to add to each of my products. Within that ACF I have an Object field that is “author” and that searches among the registered authors to be able to assign the book that I am creating. All of this works properly.

    Subsequently, I have generated a layout where the Author’s custom fields appear (name, surname, bibliography) and I would like all the books written by this author to appear dynamically as well.

    This information should be collected from the book, when it is registered, and the author is indicated through his ACF.

    Can you help me how I can show in my author template, at the bottom, all the books that he has written?

    The aspect would be similar to the “related products” offered by woocommerce, that is, a carousel of products (books) where only those written by the author I refer to appear.

    I understand that the relationship would be between the Author Object of the ACF group for books and the title of the CPT itself when I create it for each author, but at this point I am totally lost.
    I do not know if this is possible, if it would have to be done with code, or if the Avada theme itself allows this type of relationship, since, until now,

    Thanks for the help.

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