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Show php template output of fields

  • It would be great if we can see a section on the field group area that shows sample php outputs of fields so we can just copy and paste into our template files.

    Example of section can show:

    $label-of-field = get_field( ‘name-of-field’ );
    $label-of-field2 = get_field( ‘name-of-field2’ );

  • The main problem with trying to do this is that there a lot of different ways to use fields. get_field() is only one of the functions available and that does not help you with what is actually returned. What if the field is a repeater sub field. What would be shown if that sub field is an image field.

    Also, unlike some other custom field plugins, there are only a few functions in ACF that will be used most of the time and the parameters for these functions are the same across all field types. I think that Elliot has done a great job at keeping the template code that need to be written to get fields extremely simple.

  • Problem Solved!
    Addon to show all field variables of you field groups!

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