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Show if is "page", broken.

  • Yesterday when I chose “page” under “Show this field group if”, it correctly populated the dropdown with all my pages. Today (after an update I believe), when I went to change something I noticed that when “page” is selected the dropdown now only contains, “-Team Members”, “Home”, and “(no title)()”. The first two are pages, I have no idea what the other is.

    Anyone else see this? Chance of a quick fix, the plugin is completely broken for my layout when I can’t select individual pages.

  • I just went to another site I have, and it is using Version 5.1.6 of ACF Pro, it’s list of pages is working perfectly. The site I updated to 5.1.8 is broken.

  • I had the same bug after the update to version
    Deinstalled the plugin, downloaded it again, reinstalled and it worked.

  • I can confirm this bug.

  • I tried to deactivate and delete the plugin. Then I installed the newest version but it didn’t work. When I switched to a non-admin though, it works on that user. I also deleted all my cookies and transients without any luck.

    I may do further investigation if time permits 🙂

  • Even if I show the meta fields manually through the screensettings, it just hides them all when I reload the page. I sincerely hope this gets fixed as soon as possible because it makes the plugin rather useless for now.

  • try to look if checkbox with acf-field-group is active (there where you manage what is visible or not) at my site it was deactivated after update.

  • I’m also having this problem, but with page templates. Changing the template to any other, and then back to the one it should be, makes the fields appear.

    Anyone know of a fix, or is it a case of waiting for it to be patched?

  • I can also confirm having issues with this bug. My situation is exactly the same as what Garyrae describes. Changing template page to something else, then back makes the fields appear, but upon entering the page the fields are currently not appearing.

    Thanks for all your help!

  • Exact same thing than Garyrae & jjcarlson with ACF PRO I hope this will be fix as soon as possible.

  • I’ve contacted ACF support about this issue and they’ve confirmed it’s a known bug and a fix is on the way.

  • Hi Guys

    Sounds like a few different bugs have been reported in this thread.

    If you are experiencing postboxes disappearing from the post edit page, please see this thread: – uploaded files on page 2


    – your issue sounds different, are you saying that the field group location rule choices are incorrect for ‘Page’?

  • I’ve experienced the same issue, when trying to select a page in the dropdown for the rules then it displays two pages and “(no title)()”.

    Going to try an older version of the plugin to see if it works.

  • It’s still doing the same thing with Version 5.1.6, might try a clean wordpress install.

  • Hey guys, just bought a 5.2.3 license and “Show this field group if” is still broken for pages, when trying to match equal to. Not equal to seems to be working, but it’s not what I want.

    Any help over here ?

  • Make sure you report this directly to the ACF team via email, this is a community forum and not monitored closely as far as I know. I usually get an email response pretty quickly on support issues.

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