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Show field name in wp-admin (edit page) for admins

  • When working in a team your not always sure what the field name is when filling a page. I try to make the field label so descriptive as possible for the client, but the field name as easy for me to use in the PHP. It would be nice to have an option to show the field name next to the field label (in light grey) for admins, so that I don’t have to constantly switch tabs to figure out how to get the content out of the page.

    Show field name next to label in light grey

    Is this a setting I am missing or a define wp-config option

  • Hi @mvaneijgen

    There is an option to create a “Message field” above or below your field to add a description of the field to the end users.

  • I think I need to elaborate on my question more and there for I made some screenshots:

    wp-admin custom post single edit
    This is what I would like to see, my field labels are in dutch, but I like to code in English so my field names are in English, but It is hard to know what the field name is when looking at it in the post edit page. To figure out what it is called I have to open the edit.php?post_type=acf-field-group and than find the field I am looking for. What would be amazing is if there was an option the have it in light grey next to it for Admin users.

  • Hi @mvaneijgen ,

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. I now understand your suggestion.

    I am going to mark for the developer’s consideration.

    Hopefully such an option will find its way into the plugins development roadmap.

  • Wondering if this is somehow accomplished yet?

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