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Show featured image in relationship fields

  • Hi! I’m using ACF with Divi and would appreciate some styling input. I have two CPTs: Research Projects and Team Members. I’m using a relationship field to display a selected list of team members at the bottom of a research project post. I have it working to show the list, but I can’t figure out how to also display the team member featured image as a thumbnail on the front end. Can someone point me in the direction of how to display both the post title and a thumbnail featured image? Is there a related posts plugin that will do this? Something else?


  • Hi kimharp!
    I see that the topic is old, but if it’s still actual, i think that in ACF in your can select to “show image features” directly in your acf relationship field.

    I take advantage of your subject to ask you how did you manage to use relationship field in Divi with two CPT? Because in my case it don’t work, the relationship field doesn’t show anything on my articles…

    Thank you in avance if you pass here again! 🙂

  • In the case of both questions, when trying to use ACF in conjunctions with some other plugin or theme the question is usually better asked in a community for the plugin or theme. In this case DIVI. It you know what you need to do to make something work in DIVI then someone here might be able to help you figure out how to get it.

  • Hi Ohkawa:

    No, I never did solve my original problem of showing the featured image along with the CPT post. Your reply is timely though, because I’m jumping back into this for another site I’m doing. This time I’m experimenting with the Divi Machine plugin, which works with ACF. I’m just getting started but if I find out anything useful I’ll let you know. Happy to talk with you more if you want to exchange emails!

    John, I posted here originally because I couldn’t find the answer in the Divi groups I belong to. Maybe it’s the same with Ohkawa?

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  • I can’t see your reply kimharp, too bad there is not private message on account…

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  • @ohkawa I believe that the only people that can see private replies is the owner of the thread and people with some type of admin access. @kimharp supplied an email address. I won’t post if publicly, but I think i you post your email privately then @kimharp will be able to see it, but I’m not sure.

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