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Show all fields hidden by conditional logic

  • Hi,

    I have a repeater with many different subfields hidden by conditional logic (with different rules for each field). I want to add a true/false that, when on true, show all the fields of the repeater.

    So what I could do is add a conditional logic rule to all the fields individually (OR “Show this field îf * true/false* value is equal to checked”) but that adds complexity unnecessarily.

    What I could do instead is remove, via javascript, the class .acf-hidden and the attribute hidden from all fields in the group when the true/false is on true.

    Questions :

    The reason I want to show all the fields with a true/false is because I want all the values to be saved when updating the post (not because I want to see them all at the same time – I would actually hide most fields with a display:none)

    – In the conditional logic features, what determines whether wordpress should save the value or not ? Is it the acf-hidden class, the hidden attribute or something else ?

    – Could this little hack cause problems somehow? am I better off applying the conditional logic individually?

    – Somehow, my javascript code removes the acf-hidden class, but it doesn’t work for the hidden attribute. Is there a problem with my code ?

    $(".myrepeater div").removeClass("acf-hidden");
    $(".myrepeater div").removeAttribute("hidden");

    Thank you !

  • I used to know how this works but it appears to be far more complicated than just a class now.

    fields hidden by ACF have conditional logic
    1) The container has a class “acf-hidden”
    2) The container has a class “acf-empty”
    3) The container has an attribute “hidden”
    4) The input field itself has the attribute “disabled”

    My guess is that it it #4 that prevents the value from being submitted.

  • Hi John,

    Thank you for your reply. Hmm, what i take from your answer is that it is a bit risky to proceed this way. It’s okay, i can add the conditional rules individually, I just wanted to make it safer/more efficient.

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