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Shortcode to display ACF repeater field from Options table

  • I’ve a repeater field in the ACF pro options table (so for global use) and I want to be able to display specific data from the repeater fields.

    EG: I have services repeater field, and in there is service_name, service_description, service_image

    I’ve tried adding some function:

    function my_acf_repeater($atts, $content='') {
        "field" => null,
      ), $atts));
      $_content = '';
      $row = 0;
      if( have_rows($field) ):
        while ( have_rows($field,'options') ) : the_row();
          $_tmp = str_replace('%ROW%', $row, $content);
          $_content .= do_shortcode( $_tmp ) . '<br>';
      else :  
        $_content = "$field does not have any rows";
      return $_content;
    add_shortcode("acf_repeater", "my_acf_repeater");

    Trying to specify to pull the data from the “option” table but it’s not working. I’m just getting “services does not have any rows”

    How can I get the specific data I need?

  • you need to add “options” to the if statement as well as the while
    if( have_rows($field, 'options') ):

  • Hi John,

    Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve added “option” to the IF statement too.

    However, I’m getting no data returned from my shortcode.

    So I have a repeater, “services” with sub-fields of “service-name”, “service-description-short” and “service-description-long”

    I just want the “name” and the “short description” so using the shortcode:

    [acf_repeater field="services"]
    service name: [acf field='services_1_service-name']
    service desc: [acf field='services_1_service-description-short']

    What is displayed is:

    service name: service desc:

    It’s not populating with the data from my repeater second row (I’ve tried it with %ROW% 0 for the first row too, that’s the same result)

    What am I not getting?

  • Wow… the solution was SOOOOOO simple.

    I do not even need to add any code to my functions.php

    All I needed was to add the post_id=”options” to the shortcode.

    [acf field= "services_0_service-name" post_id="options"]

    The answer is always easier than you think!

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