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Shortcode render not properly

  • i want filed for allow shortcode. i tried all filed but without wysiwyg editor none may be don’t support i am not sure. my shortcode is working only on wysiwyg filed but.. now problem is when it render one blank <p></p> coming. which making my code problem.

    my shortcode like

    [product_data id=111][product_data id=80][product_data id=24][product_data id=22][product_data id=64][product_data id=107]

    on theme code bellow

      <div class="owl-carousel">
        <?php the_field('product_id_number'); ?>

    how can i get output without p tag. mainly this p tag only come first div

  • Hi @pagol

    You can make the shortcodes work by using the acf/format_value hook. This page should give you more idea about it:

    I hope this helps.

  • thank u so much. it is work

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