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Shortcode not appearing

  • I’m using a Theme called RT-Theme 18 and the developer has told me that adding a shortcode to the text box will work (they use a really weird page builder that I can’t customize the code for unfortunately – so I have to use Shortcodes). Perhaps I am adding them incorrectly.

    I have an “Event Details” group with a Text type with the name dates-times and am putting this into (have tested it in a widget as well) the text box of my template.

    [acf field="{$dates-times}"]

    Nothing shows on either the widget or the text block. I am seeing the fields just fine on the post and for the sample below, I have added values. What might be the issue here?
    You can see the word TEST… below that is where I’m supposed to see the value “Saturdays, October 15 & 22, 2016, 2-5 pm”

  • What type of field is date-times?

    ACF shortcodes only work with simple text based fields, anything form the “Basic” section of the field types. Most other field types will not work.

    Is that the field name?

    It should look like something like this [acf field="dates_times"] not sure why your adding the enclosing {$ }

  • I am a complete dork. I was using the code sample from adding a short to a template I think (… It works now. Its been a loooooong time since I’ve used your plugin and my brain apparently got rusty.

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