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Shortcode inside flexible field

  • I have a simple shortcode in functions.php:

    add_shortcode ('getAppID', 'get_current_page_url');
    	function get_current_page_url() {
          		$appID = $_GET['appID'];
    			$fullAppID = '?appID=' . $appID;
    			return $fullAppID;

    which I want to trigger in a flexible ACF field with

    But it doesn’t work. It works perfectly in a NON-ACF field. The documentation for how to do use shortcode in a flexible or repeater field does not exist.

  • I’m using Contact 7 forms in this way. I have a flexible content field I’m using as a page builder.

    I added my shortcode to a text field schedule_a_demo_form like this;
    [contact-form-7 id="xxx" title="Schedule A Demo"]

    In my template I do this;
    $scheduleADemoForm = get_sub_field('schedule_a_demo_form');
    echo do_shortcode($scheduleADemoForm);

    Also, to prevent users from altering the shortcode in the text field I added a class admin-readonly to the wrapper and in my admin-styles.css added this style;

    .admin-readonly {
        pointer-events: none;

    This prevents them from accessing the input (unless they know how to use developer tools that is 🙂 )

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