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Shortcode as ACF value

  • Hey guys. Didn’t have any luck finding an answer for this, so I’m gonna ask you guys.

    Is there a way to set a shortcode value for a field?

    Situation: i have a shortcode that gets me the USD -> BRL currency conversion in real time.

    I want to use this number as a read-only ACF field.

    Any tips?

  • I am assuming that you want the value of this field to be based on the value of another field?

    You might be able to create an acf/prepare_field filter and set the value of the field based on the shortcode. But this would only work after the post was saved.

    Or you could use an acf/save_post action to update the value of the field by running the shortcode. Again, it would only show the updated value after the post is saved.

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