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Short code not working when using dynamic values in fluent forms

  • i am using fluent forms to get values from the dropdown options and display ACF values from the posts.

    i have used the acf shortcode and its working fine when you enter the values manually.

    Example below
    [acf field="image_name" post_id="123"]

    And when using a dynamic condition, it does grab the value but does not display the shortcode

    Code below
    [acf field="image_name" post_id="{dynamic.dropdown_1}"]

    Here is my dropdown code

    <select name="dropdown_1" data-name="dropdown_1" data-calc_value="0">
      <option value="">Select a Model</option>
      <option value="123">Vitara</option>
      <option value="6630">XL7</option>

    Any other way we can display this?

  • The ACF shortcode does not know what this {dynamic.dropdown_1} means. This value must be populated with the correct value before the shortcode is run by what you are using to display this. This probably means that it is not being populated correctly before the shortcode is run and you will need to look into how to make the other plugin do this.

  • Can i display this shortcode using AJAX?


    When option 1 is clicked. The shortcode re-loads real-time and display content

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