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Shopping Cart prevents adding items

  • I would like to purchase a couple of the premium add ons. Unfortunately, when I click the Purchase button, it takes me to a page that tells me that my cart is empty.

    I never even make it to checkout, nor the paypal issue that has been documented in support and in the FAQ’s.

    Troubleshooting steps so far

    • Cleared cache in Safari on Mac – no luck
    • Tried clicking purchase in new browser (chrome on Mac) – no luck
    • Tried making purchase from Chrome on my PC – no luck
    • Tried firefox on a pc – no luck
    • Tried safari, and even internet explorer on my pc – no luck
    • Tried safari on my ipad – no luck

    Same result on all devices, all browsers. It doesn’t allow you to add a product to the shopping cart.

  • Hi @brettbum,

    Thanks for the post.

    This issue would be as a result of some temporary server downtime and due to the changes that we have made in our VPS this should not occur.

    I hope this info helps.

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