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  • I have a faqs accessible from 2 different pages. The content is identical. Is it possible to have the interface for these faqs to display in the backend of both pages for updating.

    I’m just trying to fool proof this for the user that has to update content so when they edit the page it’s available on both pages.

  • If you need to use the same information on multiple pages and edit in one location your best choice is going to be an ACF options page.

  • As john said you can use an options page and call the field using;

    <?php the_field('field_name', 'option'); ?>

    Or if you want to put the fields on one of the pages for usabilities sake (although using an options page would be best practice), you can put the page ID of the page with the fields on as a parameter on the other page like so;

    <?php the_field('field_name', 67); ?> <!-- replace 67 with the page ID you want to call the field from -->

    Hope this helps, thanks.

  • I thought that was the case. Was hoping I could have the custom fields and data appear in the backend of both locations but as you both stated, either use the options page or designate 1 of the 2 locations for the custom fields interface to exist in the backend and code the acf with the post ID.

    Can either of you answer this question. Can content that has already been entered in the custom fields be moved? By this I mean, I set up a custom field for the home page and entered all the information. Now the client has decided they want to move it off the homepage to an alternate page. When I reassign the location the custom fields show up on that location but none of the data. Is it possible to move the data with the custom fields in the backend or will I need to reenter all of the information.


  • You could probably achieve what you originally wanted with some custom PHP, but that’s out of my depth sorry so I can’t help you there.

    I’ve not exported content from ACF before and I don’t think it’s possible by any normal methods but here’s where I would look if I wanted to do what you want to do;
    As the fields are stored in the database, I would imagine you could move the content by editing the fields metadata in the database, essentially re-assigning where it belongs.

    Sorry for the vague answer, it’s all I can think of to help you!

  • You’d need to go into the database and find all of the custom fields and change the post id they are associated with. Not really an easy task. There isn’t any way to do this automatically.

    Even more of a reason to use an options page, then where ever they want them to show you just need to move a little code without changing anything.

    The client wanting to move these things around, to be honest, leads me to think that a custom post type for FAQ’s might even be a better choice.

  • Thanks John. These questions have been a learning experience for me for future projects as well. The FAQs is only a few entries, that’s why I did not make it a custom post type but since this issues arose I thought I would turn it into a learning moment and reach out to the community.

    Thank you for all your feed back. It looks like I need to read up on the options page. If you have any links or youtube videos that you think are helpful I would appreciate you sharing.

    Thanks again for all your feed back. It has been very helpful.

  • This is the only thing I use for options pages…. Well, actually I use this but it requires ACF5 Pro

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