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Share same Custom Field values across all posts? (Global fields)

  • I would like to display the same custom fields for all posts (Woocommerce Orders)
    So if I edit the field in one Order and save it and then open another Order, the field has updated there as well.

    Essentially create a custom field with global values that are globally shared / the same values across all the posts.

    The intention is the following, in our physical store we have parcel lock-boxes and we sent and send the code from them to the customer on email, however we would like to be able to edit the safe code directly from the order page.

    Some light in the right direction would be great, I have been trying to achieve this however unsuccessfully,
    thank you in advance for the attention and advice

  • This is what the ACF Options page is for. There would be no way to automatically have all of the values for these fields to be updated on every post when it is changed.

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