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Share field values between post types

  • I dont know if it exist, searched whole day but i am not smarter.

    Title says a lot, but worth mentioning is that it doesnt mean front-end.
    I am trying to replicate those standalone platforms for company, organisation, projects, tasks, invoices, documents, tickets, services, etc…

    And all those custom post types share a lot of custom fields. One example is address. It can be used in company, invoices, organisation. So there is no need to type all this data again, form one post type to another.

    Is there some functions.php snippet to make this possible ?

    Is it realistic to expect in some future version that we get some sort of “relationship” field, but instead of searching for taxonomies, terms it would first search post type title, and then narrow to list or search in all meta (custom fields) in this specific post ?

    I have to say one more time, i am not asking because of front-end display, it is not important here. And i am not asking because of preventing duplicate meta in database (address), it is not so important here too.

    I am just asking because of amount of time user need in admin panel to fill all those information. To shorten time and make it more simple.

  • Some sort of “search for meta data” from another post type. In Relationship plugin there is already “Filter by Post Type”, it needs only search for titles in post type (already there) and for meta information in that specific post.

    This way we could have replica of address fields (just example, could be useful for other things too). Never mind how we name them and what field type is used, visitor never notice difference. It it most for user editing speed and saving time.

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