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Settings cannot be saved and fields are not displayed

  • Wordpress 5.2.1
    ACF Pro 5.8.1

    after a WordPress update, my fields in pages and posts are no longer displayed (backend).

    In addition, I can no longer save changes in the settings. Example: If I want to change the content type from “Post” to “Page” under “Show these fields if”, the setting jumps back to “Posts” after saving. The same for all other settings, such as “Position”. Create new fields works.

    I have disabled all plugins and in the fuctions.php I have nothing special to ACF.

    Please help!

  • Meanwhile it is clear that the problem lies in my theme. I can’t find any function how to set threads here in the forum to “done”, edit or delete them.

  • Same issue for me, still trying to understand what’s happening…

  • Got it, I registered an 'acf/update_field' filter and removed the associated function without deregistering the add_filter function.

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