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Setting up reusable content, best practice?

  • Hi,

    I’m looking at consolidating some data entry on a site. We have a bunch of staff members, but they currently only live in repeater fields in individual location pages (ie: NY, DC, LA each have a staff listing). I want to put together an “all staff” page, but before doing that I want to find a way to enter all staff in one place and then have them available for the “all staff” page as well as individual location pages, and perhaps other CPTs.

    What’s my best starting point here to build something of a staff “database” with ACF? I feel like there’s probably a few things I could do with a master staff page:

    – Add a “location” selector to the staff repeater fields and then in my individual location pages reference this master staff page and just select people with a matching location
    – Add some type of backend filter to the location CPT pages to allow editors to pick from a list of staff when editing a location page
    – I’m not up on Gutenberg AT ALL yet, but I assume this is one of the problems Gutenberg attempts to solve


  • Doing what you want with the current repeater might be possible, but over complicated and will cause permanence issues.

    I would start by adding a custom post type for staff members. I would then create a bidirectional relationship between locations and staff members.

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