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Setting True/False positive value en masse

  • So, I see the True/False field saves values of 1 or 0, and I can set a default value.

    In my case, I am working with a field on Users.

    But, say I want to set the value as 1 across all objects – where these values are not already in the database, do I need to go and save each object manually in order for ACF to do the save?

    Or does the simple act of adding a True/False field to my group with a default value of 1/True go and save the values in bulk for me? That is how I think ACF should help me, but I doubt it does.

    Assuming I’m correct, what is the best way to go setting values in the database en masse? For each user, set field name to 1. Without phpMyAdmin/MySQL. I still haven’t found a nice plugin that would let me manipulate the database easily like that in WordPress.

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