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Setting relations between custom fields

  • A client of mine has asked to be able to update a number of choices in a form, where each subchoice is dependent on the choice of its parent. For example, say that you start off with 3 main choices. Depending what you choose, 1 of them contains 3 subchoices, then followed by another 3 subchoices. All of them needs a relationship with whatever parent choice you set. How would I achieve this using ACF and custom fields? Is it even possible, or would I have to use link objects / relationships with default posts?
    Using ACF Pro, I’ve come as far as started to set up repeater fields for each set of choices, but how to link between them I’m not sure of.
    Any suggestions are much appreciated!

  • Hi @staffanestberg

    It sounds like you are wanting to create a select field and have the selected option determine the available choices for another select field. Is this correct?

    Currently, this is not possible with ACF, but would be a great feature request.

    I’ll add this to my list of features, but for now, you will need to write some custom jQuery to modify the choices available based on a select field.

    Sorry I can’t provide an exact solution for this one.

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