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Set background colour of a text layer in Slider Revolution

  • Hi there,

    OUTLINE: I want to dynamically set the background colour of a text layer/div in Slider Revolution based on the colour a user pics on the post

    I have a div using Text Layer in Slider Revolution (SR).

    The background of this div needs to change according to the background colour in ACF field by user (event_background_color) set in the Custom Post Type.

    In SR I have the text layer content with this code:

    <div class="primary-background"></div>

    and in WordPress Customise – Additional CSS I have:

    .primary-background {
        background-color: <?php the_field('event_main_color'); ?>;

    However, the obvious issue with the above is that php is not parsed by css.

    I have also tried;

    <div style="background-color:{{meta:event_main_color}}" class="primary-background"></div>

    But to no avail.

    If someone could point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated!

  • Looking at this

    <div style="background-color:{{meta:event_main_color}}" class="primary-background"></div>

    is this in reference to doing this

  • @hube2 Yes it is.

    Is it possible to pass hex value from ACF on a custom post to the CSS or inline CSS of Revolution Slider layer content?

    I can print the different hex code value out using ACF shortcode on each slide but can’t seem to figure out how to apply the hex to background css and shape/box layer so it’s different on each slide.


  • I don’t really know much about rev slider. From what I can see in that article it looks like what you’re doing with the div should work.

    <div style="background-color:{{meta:event_main_color}}" class="primary-background"></div>

    What is the class primary-background doing?

    Is the div being output properly with the css style?

    When you inspect the page is the background color being applied or is it overridden by something else?

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