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Set alignment for blocks within innerBlocks

  • Hey there,

    I was wondering, if I’m missing something or if this isn’t supported yet:

    I created a block with the innerBlock functionality and now I wanted to change the alignment of a block WITHIN the innerBlock.

    The alignment options for the blocks within the innerBlock just disappear, as soon as I drop them there.

    What works is to set the alignment of a block outside of an innerBlock and then move it within the innerBlock. But this is a quite exhausting workaround…

    For the default “group” block there is the functionality to “inherit default layout” and as soon as i do this, i can change the alignment (for example to “wide”) of the blocks within.

    So my question: Is there any workaround or anything i can do, to activate the alignment for blocks WITHIN an innerBlock?

    Cheers and thanks

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