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Set Admin default for true/false?

  • Plugin is great except I can’t find any way to set a default value for a true/false field in Admin. For other field types I’m able to, but for certain page types in Admin, I want to set a true/false field to true, and the plugin front-end isn’t allowing for that. There was a similar question asked on the WP forums for this plugin, but no answer so far.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Any help appreciated.

  • Hi @the_enn

    I can confirm that the tru/false field does contain a default value. It is in the form of a checkbox itself.

    What version of ACF are you using?


  • Hi elliot,

    I’m using version 3.4.3 and don’t see that default checkbox when I create the custom true/false field. Would upgrading fix the issue?

    Also, could I set the default for only certain pages?


  • Hi @the_enn

    You are using quite an old version of ACF which most likely, does not contain a default option for the checkbox field.

    I can confirm that v4.2.2 does have this option.

    Please read the migration docs from v3 to v4 before upgrading.


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