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Serious issues that disabled my site

  • hello. I have a very serious problem with the plugin.
    I have a lot of custom fields and one day I notice a lot of weird errors happening to me.

    For example, I can’t save images through custom fields.

    And another glitch that might be able to give you an explanation of what happened: I use elementor and when I want to define a title that will be with a link, I try to select the ACF URL option and it shows me all the fields of ACF, not just the fields of the URL.

    I feel desperate.
    I tried deleting ACF and reinstalling, but it did not help.

    Please help me!!!

    thank you.

  • Now I see there is another problem.
    When I save something within a group of fields I have another blank field added.
    It happens to me in all groups when I save.

    What’s going on here?

    Anyone understand what the glitch is?

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